Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Tyler is my great nephew and he turned two in January. He had us all on our toes when he came round for the anniversary afternoon tea on Saturday. From the moment Tyler arrived he chatted away and had most of us wrapped round his little finger. I love this age when you know what they're trying to tell you. Makes life much easier! Tyler loves playing in the garden when he comes round and Saturday was no exception. This time he had something new to keep his attention - spiders! He found a spider and Kyle showed him that, if you touched it gently with a stick, it would move. Great fun!! When the spider disappeared, we were down looking for it. Tyler and Emily looking for the spider in the pebbles He decided digging in the pebbles would be the best way to find spiders - watch out anyone in the vicinity
Kyle showing Tyler inside the compost bin so he could see the insects/flies, etc., - lovely!!
And here Tyler's got Jon and Kyle looking at a spider.
When spiders weren't forthcoming kicking the ball around the garden was the next best thing and Kyle or I seemed to be the chosen playmates ;o)
He has a good eye for kicking the ball
Having a rest while Kyle plays
Hmm ..... what next??
Let's put Kyle in goal
... it's great fun when he falls over!
We love having you come to visit Tyler and look forward to the next time.