Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday in a nutshell

This morning when I came downstairs I found this on my laptop! If you click to enlarge the photo you'll see they were for me from my son, Hugh! It's the first time he's ever done something like this for no reason and that makes them even more special. When I thanked them and asked why he'd bought them he said he'd seen them and knew I liked them so he bought them for me. What a great way to start the day (though I will just add that the packet is still sealed, if I open them they'd soon be finished!) Emily came down ready for school but I could hear her voice sounded a bit hoarse. When she tried to eat breakfast she started coughing and said it felt like something was blocking her throat. I felt her glands and they were swollen and she said when she tried to swallow her throat hurt. She also had a headache and the cough hasn't gone away.
I kept her off school and she spent most of the day in bed. And yes, I did leave her and go and have a coffee but she was happy for me to go and Hugh was here if she needed anything ;) She's still not feeling right and, after speaking to a few people and hearing they've had the same thing, I have a feeling she may not be back at school tomorrow either.
A photo of the kittens, just because they're cute! They're sitting on the step here watching Emily take their bowls to put food in them! ;o)
This afternoon/evening I went to Emily's parents evening. She had done well with getting appointments at regular intervals and I actually finished slightly ahead of time after being able to see some teachers before my slot because they were between appointments. All I can really say is I'm a very proud Mum! The teachers all gave glowing reports and are more than happy with the work Emily's producing. In some subjects she's already reached her target grade for the end of Year 9 (she's in Year 8) and they are expecting her to do very well. I also found out tonight that her English teacher has put her name forward as Key Stage 3 Pupil of the Month! (Key Stage 3 is Years 7 - 9) Well done Emily, we're so proud of you!
And finally, a photo of Cloud who looks a bit like a naughty schoolgirl! When I took her to the vets last week I was told if she started licking herself again, to put a shirt over the area she's been licking so she can't infect it again. This morning we noticed she had started to lick it and Emily said she'd find a shirt for her. When I got home, this is what she was wearing ;o) - I had to take a photo lol!