Sunday, 24 June 2007

Six Days

In six days time (ie. Saturday, 30 June) Norma arrives. This photo was taken when she was last here two years ago - it'll be interesting to compare a photo of Emily and Norma together this year and see how much taller Emily is.

My second photo tonight is to show you what happens when I come to do anything on my computer - I gain two little companions who lie at my feet until I'm finished. They are my little shadows.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Thursday, 21 June 2007


Yes, I have a 19 year old son! Hugh's birthday was yesterday and I'm coming to terms with having a son who is in his final teenage year! I don't feel ready to have a 20 year old "child" next year so I'll just enjoy him being a teenager this year!
This photo of Hugh and Sarah was taken last night when we went to The Wing Wah for dinner.


Monday, 18 June 2007


A few photos of Tyler taken yesterday afternoon.

It's hard work being the centre of attention!

Celebrating the fathers in our family ...

Photos taken on Fathers Day

Jon (my husband xx)

Alastair (my Dad)Iain (my brother)

Will (my nephew-in-law - is there such a word?) Tyler's Dad


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday ....

I can't believe how quickly the month is going, nearly half way through already. I keep thinking that I'm not doing to badly with keeping the blog up to date until I realise another 4 days have passed.

Today Dad came round to do some work on our little front flower border to help the house have more kerb appeal. Thank you Dad, much appreciated.

This afternoon Claire, the hairdresser, came round to cut Emily's hair (and I ended up having mine cut as well). Claire's son Braydon comes with her most times and today I managed to get a few shots of him until he decided enough was enough and ran away ;)

Here are my three favourites.
I'll be popping these in the post to his Mum =)

Take care

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Happy Anniversary

This post should have gone up yesterday but, unfortunately, my computer was down and Jon wasn't home to sort it out.

Happy 54th wedding anniversary to Mum and Dad. When I tell people how long you've been married they all go - WOW! I really enjoyed spending the morning with both of you and I hope there will be many more anniversaries to share.
The other anniversary was Hugh & Sarah's one year going out together anniversary, which was last Saturday. We were round at Iain and Louise's and I managed to get this photo before they left to go to movies.

We have another house viewing tomorrow so I had better try and get it into shape.

Take care


Friday, 1 June 2007

Old friends

Second post today - only because I didn't post the pics from yesterday last night!
Today I went to Lower Dicker to meet an old school friend of mine. I think the last time we met up was probably about 5 years ago - so silly because we don't live that far apart! It was great catching up with news and we've said we won't leave it so long next time .... hmm!!
Lynda and I both went to Westville Girls High in South Africa and both live in England now - I live in West Sussex and Lynda lives in East Sussex (about an hour and a half apart). It's a small world.
Have a good weekend.

What a fun afternoon

Yesterday Mum had another appointment at Worthing Hospital. Seeing as Emily is on half term I asked her if she wanted to come with us. The wait at the hospital was fairly long but we're used to this and Emily was really good and sat reading magazines while we waited. By the time Mum finished it was lunch time and we decided to find somewhere to eat. We drove onto the costal road and found a little parking lot quite quickly. I asked a local lady if she could give us any suggestions and she said they were going across the road to Beach House Park for their lunch. We decided to give it a go on the basis that if the local people will go there then it's usually not bad. It was a good choice and the food was very tasty.
After lunch we decided to walk down to the beach front and go for a stroll. Worthing beach is a pebble beach but that didn't put Emily off and she was soon down at the shore line. We had been expecting thunderstorms in the afternoon but they never appeared and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon (if still slightly chilly).
It wasn't too long before Emily's shoes came off and she was in the water (which I later found out, when I was persuaded to join her, was freezing!!) Her skirt was soon quite wet and got hitched up higher and higher. She had a wonderful time and we were there for a good few hours. A totally unexpected way to end the day but so much fun. A few more pictures .....
The final one was when I was persuaded to go for a paddle - I didn't last long, believe me!!