Thursday, 12 July 2012


This post was supposed to be called "Today" but blogger wouldn't let me write a post last night so it's "Yesterday" ;o)  

So, Yesterday ...
 ... Emily got her National Insurance Number from HM Revenue and Customs.  I have to admit this one knocked me a bit. Emily is my "baby" (as you all know) and will be turning 16 in September but I hadn't got round to thinking of her getting her NI number so this came out of the blue a bit - how did my "baby" get to be old enough to work already!!

Yesterday ...
 ... Alice and I made Chocolate Brownies.  Alice has been a little bit wary of my big Kenwood mixer the last couple of time we've baked so yesterday I made a point of picking her up so we could watch the mixer going round and mixing everything.  She loves "mixing" with a bowl and spoon and she likes watching things going round (eg. the washing machine) so letting her watch it start slowly and build up in speed certainly seemed to help and she was quite happy.  Needless to say, the best part is being able to lick the paddle and spatula afterwards :o)
 Look at that little face <3 
And by the time she'd finished licking them she needed a good wash and a change of clothes (oops, next time Grandma had better remember to put a bib on or buy a little apron for her to wear!)
The end results were quite delicious and have nearly all disappeared already!

Unfortunately the day ended on a not so good note when a tooth (which I've recently had a temporary filling put in) broke.  I will be phoning the dentists as soon as they open this morning to try and get an urgent appointment before the inside of my cheek is shredded!