Saturday, 28 January 2012


Mum and I went to do our weekly shop today as Michelle and family are coming to visit tomorrow :).  When we were going in we saw that Help for Heroes had set up a stall in the carpark and said we'd stop by once we'd finished our shopping and coffee. I've been wanting to get a new apron for a little while so this polka dot one was just what I needed. And, I have a thing about mugs so, when I heard this was the last one they had, I had to take that too. It's for such a good cause.


After a day looking after Alice, it was quite nice not to worry about cooking dinner as we went to the Nizam for a curry. Then it was home to watch Crazy Stupid Love. It had a couple of twists in it and was a good light hearted watch. A nice way to end the week.