Monday, 30 July 2007

We're going to Scotland!!

Things have happened fast over the past weekend and the "children" and I are now going to Scotland on Friday! Iain and Louise asked us if we'd like to go and spend a week in Ayr with them at the caravan park we went to two years ago. Great excitement in the household as plans are being made at short notice!

I am driving up in Louise's car (which is bigger and more powerful than mine) on Friday and we'll be back again the following weekend Saturday or Sunday. According to the AA directions it should take approx. 7 hours and 53 minutes but I'll be really happy if we make it there within 9 hours - allowing for traffic and rest breaks. I've never driven to Scotland before so it's a whole new experience for me too ;) - can we call this a "road trip"?
We went round to discuss details on Saturday and somehow one thing led to another and a water bomb fight ensued. I leave you with pictures of the battle in action ...

and then all tired out .......

More information as and when.

Take care xx

Friday, 27 July 2007

Friday's gone ...

Today just disappeared, how did that happen. Let's see ... Got up and did the first load of washing (our bedroom's bedding). Had a shower and did my hair and make-up. Tidied up around the kitchen and fed the animals. Put first load of washing in the drier and second load in the washing machine. Had breakfast. More tidying up, unloading and reloading the dishwasher. Poo patrol in the garden (too much information?) Louise phoned and asked me to meet her for a coffee at 11.45 Take out first load of dry washing & fold, put in second load of drying and third load of washing (Hugh's bedding) Got in to meet Louise a couple of minutes late . Interesting conversation with her - more on that another day Pop into Iceland for bread and milk and came out with two bags full (always happens!) Home again and unpack shopping. Make lunch for the girls and myself (Hugh had eaten) Decided to tidy my cupboard and chest of drawer drawers (I guess that's where most of my afternoon went! I now have a bag of clothes for charity, a bag of clothes for a friend's daughter, a bag of school uniform for Leah and a bag of rubbish.) Made dinner for the children. Jon arrived home and we chatted while he had his dinner. Watched Greys Anatomy =) (taped last night) Got Emily to bed. Caught up with blogs on the computer. That was my day and tomorrow is another day! Have a good evening xx

Thursday, 26 July 2007

An unexpected day

Today I ended up at Haywards Heath Hospital! It wasn't what I had planned but that's the way things go sometimes. Leah (see yesterday's post) swallowed a shiny glass pebble last night. Alison phoned the Dr who told her not to worry as it would work it's way out. This morning Leah started complaining of a sore, hot tummy so Ali phoned the Dr's again. He advised her to take Leah to A&E because he felt they may want to x-ray and see where the pebble was. So, that's where we ended up. The good news is that they did an x-ray, couldn't see the pebble and reckon it's on its way out already so we were able to come home again. No photos this time though. This afternoon the girls and I went round to Louise's (my sister-in-law) for a coffee and chat and tonight we watched Never Been Kissed. Cute movie with a feel good ending. I like those!! I'm taping Greys Anatomy for tomorrow night (sigh!!) Have a good evening xx

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wet Summer

We're wondering if we're going to get a summer this year! Went to the garden centre this afternoon with Claire and my friend Ali and her daughter Leah. We didn't even feel tempted to buy plants because it's been so wet here and we haven't been able to get out into the garden properly. Did get some plant food (for the ones we already have) and enjoyed a wander around the centre until it started raining ..... again! Good excuse to stop for a coffee in the coffee shop =)

Leah & Jeremy Fisher

Claire & Leah

I can still see you under the table =)

They're predicting more rain for tomorrow so I think we may spend the day at home watching movies

Take care


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I'm still here ....

Just a quick post to let you know I am still alive and kicking. My sister, Norma, was over from South Africa for three weeks and I just didn't seem to get round to doing much blogging. Unfortunately, she went home again on Saturday and we're having to get used to an emptier house again. We miss you Norma and hope we'll see you again next year. I will start posting again soon, please bear with me. Take care xx

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Catch up

We have been busy this week. I had told Norma that I didn't have much planned for when she arrived but we seem to have had something to do each day so far. Saturday itself was very busy with all the family popping round to come and say Hello so Sunday was a day of taking time out. We sat playing with the jewellery making goodies Norma had brought over with her and Emily is now hooked!
One of the Mums at school had asked if I would take some photos of her because she is starting a new web page and wanted to have some photos to put on it. She hired a meeting room at the local community centre and we had a little photo shoot on Monday morning. It was such fun, I really enjoyed it and we got some lovely shots. I have opened a new photography blog ( and have put a few photos from the shoot on it.
Tuesday was spent editing photos and getting them ready to hand over to Sharon because she needed to work out which ones she wanted to use on her website by Wednesday when she was coming round to spend some time with Claire who was going to help her set it all up.

Yesterday Norma, Claire and I took Mum down to Worthing Hospital for her next eye appointment. We had lunch at a little restraunt across the road from the hospital before Mum went in for her appointment. Emily went home with Alison, Jake and Leah and I picked her up when we got home.




Today, Norma and I have been to Tunbridge Wells. Norma is going to a wedding a week today in Tunbridge Wells and wanted to have a trial run to make sure she knew where the hotel and the parking garage is. We took the opportunity to have a little walk around the town as well. We were home in time for lunch and to pick up Emily in the afternoon.


Sunday, 1 July 2007


Norma arrived yesterday morning. I was up at 5am to make sure I had time to get ready and get Emily up before picking Mum up at 6am to make the trip to Heathrow to meet Norma's plane. She'd had a good flight over but it's always a tiring one - even though you don't get the jetlag. Our house was full of people all day as everyone came to see Norma and catch up on some of what's been going on.
I will now republish the picture of Norma and Emily from two years ago

and now one that was taken yesterday
That is how much Emily has grown in the past two years!
I'm sure I'll have more photos to share in the coming days but for now I'm off to enjoy chatting to my sister!
Take care