Sunday, 4 March 2012

Photo a Day Catch Up

I got a bit behind with blogging and posting Photo A Day this week - I wasn't even super  busy but I was obviously busy enough to not get round to posting :)   I've also decided to just use the date for my Photo a Day posts - so much simpler than trying to remember what day of the year it is!

 Thursday  01 March 2012: Emily's school does a report afternoon where the parents go in to see the teachers and pick up their child's report.  Thursday was that day and Emily's report was another great one!  She works really hard, without prompting from us, and is doing really well - we're so proud of her :)
 Friday  02 March 2012: Hugh has to use up his allocated leave before April so took this past week off work. We went to Nizam for an Indian meal on Friday, which was delicious!
 Saturday  03 March 2012: Claire called to check we were in on Saturday afternoon because they wanted to come round and pick up a bookcase I'd asked if they wanted.  The bookcase was in the same area as my computer so Alice wanted up to play.  Unfortunately, she switched off the computer instead and had to wait for it to come back on again :).
Sunday  04 March 2012: Today has been wet and quite miserable.  A day to stay indoors and relax.  I finished my book this morning and Emily brought down her threads to make friendship bracelets. She puts in her headphones, listens to music and works away - 3 bracelets were completed. 

I also make a scrapbook page - thanks to some inspiration from Simple Aussie Girls.  I saw their layout yesterday (I think) and knew straight away which photos I could use to do the same page.  It was completed in less than half an hour! I'll post the layout tomorrow.

Hope you've had a good weekend too :)