Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Last Day

Today was Emily's last day at Junior School. She has really enjoyed her time at Estcots and it became her "second family". Needless to say she is sad to be leaving what is familiar and comfortable and apprehensive about the next step into Senior School.

Tonight I wanted to post a few pictures that I took today as well as a couple of photos of Emily's first day at Estcots.

Emily getting ready for her first day at school

Emily's first day in the Infants was also Claire's first day at Senior School. Hugh was cool and going in to Year 9.This morning I went back on to the playground to get a few photos of Emily and her friends on their last day at Estcots. The reason some of the children are wearing normal clothes is that their house won overall and they were allowed to dress in their own clothes. In a way I think Emily was sad not to be wearing her uniform for the last time.

Some fun messing around

Walking into school for the last time.

After school. L-R: Chris, Michael,Elliott, Jake and Emily. Michael, Elliott, Jake and Emily have been friends right from the beginning of their time at Estcots and hopefully they will keep in touch in Senior School as well.

In other news, I went back to Weight Watchers again last week. I'd been kidding myself that I could do the diet on my own, but it wasn't working. So back I went (for the I don't know how many-ith time) and tonight was my weigh in. I had been good all week and was hoping for a good loss but was thrilled to be 5lb down. I know it's just the first week back on the diet, but I'm happy. Now I've got to stick with it - which is why I've decided to put it on here. I'm hoping this will help to keep me motivated because I don't want to be posting how much I put on!!!

Finally, the blog prompt for today was what one thing would you pass on to the younger generation of today. I could think of a few but certainly one thing I would say is, don't be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy your childhood and build memories for later years. Also, one of the things I've said to my children is - do to others as you would like them to do to you. In other words, don't be nasty, don't mock, be kind and thoughtful and if you wouldn't like someone doing to you what you're doing, just don't do it! I don't think children have it easy these days, there is pressure on them to grow up quickly which I find sad. Take each year as it comes, you'll be older soon enough.

Enough for now.