Friday, 13 July 2012

Wheels on the Bus

Claire's internet wasn't working yesterday and she needed to do her online grocery shop, so she and Alice came round here to use my computer.

One of things Alice enjoys at the moment is children's songs - with Wheels on the Bus being one of her favourites.  
 I bought this Fischer Price bus for her a little while ago and she loves playing with it.  I have to say that Fischer Price are certainly the best toys and get played with over and over again. Alice loves being able to take the little people out and uses them in her imaginative play.
 We have the bus and the house (seen behind her with the lilac roof) at our house and  she plays with them all the time. We gave Alice the farm for her birthday and Claire has that at the flat, as well as the little Fischer Price garage.  Honestly, hours of fun! Can't recommend them enough.
 I just wish we could get more of the little people and some of their other toys here in the UK.
 I'll just have to keep looking :)