Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day

This morning I popped round to Mum and Dad's to wish Dad a Happy Fathers Day. It was quite funny because as I got to the top of their road, my sister Kay arrived from the other direction :)

 We enjoyed an hour or so chatting with Mum and Dad. Dad got to open his presents and I got to take some photos :) 

One of the topics of conversation today was the fact that it's only one week now until Norma arrives for her holiday :)  We're all looking forward to seeing her again.  When tickets are booked it always seems like such a long time until arrival date but this year I don't know where the time has gone because it hasn't felt nearly as long.  Unfortunately, the three weeks she's here will probably go just as quickly but we won't think about that, we'll just enjoy each day as it comes.

I have a few things planned for while she's over. Emily, Norma and I will be going up to Oxford for a couple of days. We're going to go and find a craft shop I haven't been to before (always a good thing) and I know Norma wants to go up to London at some stage too. 

Hopefully all this will give me more things to blog about :)