Sunday, 28 June 2009

Recap of the last week

Race For Life I thought I'd do a recap of the past week for this post, starting with today. This morning Claire, Emily and I took part in Race for Life 2009 at the South of England Showgrounds in Ardingly. It was very warm and we were glad of some cloud cover as the morning progressed. The girls and I had agreed to walk the course - which at some stages felt longer than I'd expected!!!. It wasn't long before Claire was off ahead of Emily and myself and she walked part of the course with Faith (my niece) before finishing on her own in 48 minutes. Emily and I came in in about 56 minutes with Louise and Faith coming in at 53 and 55 minutes (I think). Claire's boyfriend Craig had come with us to offer support and he took a few photos as we got to the finish post.
Claire striding to the finish line Emily and I coming in a bit later (behind the ladies in tutus)
A photo of the five of us (me, Claire, Emily, Louise and Faith) - I don't care what we look like, it felt like an achievement and needed to be recorded.
I would like to thank everyone who sponsored us once again. I think our total was around £305 which was triple what we had expected to raise. Thank you all so much!!
Brunel Awards
Earlier in the week Jon and I had been up at Sackville School for the Brunel Award Ceremony. Emily had been chosed to get one of the awards for Significant Achievement in Maths. We are very proud of her and, although we were sitting quite far back, I did manage to get a couple of photos of her going up on stage. Here she was shaking hands with guest speaker Ian Watts (who had been part of the Brighton University team on Robot Wars on TV.
Waiting to receive her Certificate from Mr Bush.
One of the robots Ian Watts had worked on was this dalek.
Pool League
And finally, as I had mentioned in my last post, last Sunday I went down to the Broadway Pub to take a few photos of the prize giving for Jon's Pool League. Jon with Chris, the winner of this season of the league.
Handing over the prize money The league players. Back L - R: Jerry, Jayson, Chris, Simon
Front L - R: Mike, Juan and Jon
All for now, have a good week