Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Happy Birthday Alice :)

Yesterday was Alice's 3rd birthday :)  She had been counting down the days and was so excited! 
 I went round to the house by 9 and the presents were soon being opened.  The tutu, wings, tiara and wand were a big hit!
Alice changed into the tutu straight away and then went to have a look in the mirror to see what she looked like :)
 before trying out a few ballet moves! So sweet :)
 However, there were more presents to be opened (this one from Uncle Iain and Iris in Australia)
 Lambie (from Doc McStuffins) is another hit - especially when she asks "Do you need a cuddle?"
Alice had been waiting to blow out her candles since morning so as soon as family arrived in the afternoon we agreed it was time. Such a good job - all candles blown out in one go!
Emily snapped this photo of me holding Megan. She was a bit bewildered by all the goings on especially seeing as there were all these new toys and she wanted to play with them too - only to be told no, most of the time.

 Megan got cuddles with Uncle Hugh.
 Alice just loved the whole day, the presents, the playing, the people and the cake!
 Nana Linda and Richard arrived a little bit later with a bike for the birthday girl. Great excitement :)
 Showing Grandpa and Theresa how she can ride (or try to!)
 We love you lots Alice, enjoy being 3!