Thursday, 5 May 2011

Right now

Today I'm joining in with Kelly Willette's "Right Now" challenge (for want of a better word!).  Here's what she says on her blog:

"I’m horrible at remembering to document just for the sake of documenting….I’m such a perfectionist that I have to stage/pose everything.  and, I really want my kids to look back at our photos and see that sometimes, our house was a wreck – toys were all over the house, dishes were left in the sink, and the laundry was (and still IS) piled up.
I want to force myself to capture our REAL day to day – RIGHT now.
so I’m creating a goal for me and for you, my readers.  let’s focus on the “RIGHT NOW” in our photos.  I’m not suggesting that we uncover ALL of our home’s messiness all of the time….but let’s make a pointed effort to capture the “right now” occasionally in our photos."

I read about this when Kelly first posted but then didn't get round to posting my photo on the day I took it. I'm going to say it's okay to post it today instead. This was our kitchen on Monday morning - mess and all! Claire was feeding Alice, Emily was waiting for her toast to pop up and Hugh  had just made some breakfast. This is real life and this is the photo I used in Project Life for Monday.

Are any of you joining in on this as well?  I'd love to be able to link up and see your Right Now too :)