Friday, 22 April 2011

We've been ....

Loving the warmer weather and getting our first barbecues in
 Enjoying the blossom on our tree, while it lasts.
 Watching Alice grow and start tasting more and more flavours.
 Not always so sure about them 
 Getting messy in the process (though she still looks quite clean here!)
Too cute!
 We're loving the school holidays and being able to sit outside and read
 We took Alice's crib outside so she could sleep in the shade :o)
 Mummy kisses xx
 Wondering why Grandma has a big black object/camera in front of her face so often
 Realising I am behind said object/camera
 Playing Peek a Boo
And making progress with sitting up.

All in all, things have been very relaxed around here, we're just enjoying Emily's time off school and being able to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  Needless to say, we're also loving watching Alice as she learns new things day by day. She's such a happy little girl who gives out lots of smiles but the time is certainly going fast - a few more weeks and she'll be six months!!

I hope you're also enjoying the weather and getting a chance to go out and enjoy it. 
Happy Easter