Thursday, 4 February 2010

My morning improved my mood ;)

This morning I decided to take my camera out with me and take some photographs of where I'd been. First stop was our Doctor's Surgery to have an itchy mole checked - it was given the all clear :) Fortunately I was seen promptly today which meant I was still able to meet up with friends for a coffee.
From the Doctor's I headed into town and parked in the car park behind St Swithen's Church. The Church tower can be seen from most parts of East Grinstead.
I walked through the church yard to get to the High Street
Looking back up through the archway to the church
Thursday is market day and all the stalls are set up in the High Street. There weren't that many people out and about today (and I don't really blame them!)
My destination was Caffe Nero on the other side of the High Street
Where I was meeting up with my friends Carol,Carol, Sarah and Cathy. So good to relax and have a chat - before we knew it it was nearly midday.
Having had a tall cappuccino while I was out, I was quite full when I got home so decided to take Cloud for a walk, before settling in to doing whatever needs to be done at home. We went a slightly different route today which took about 30 minutes. I felt so much better after being out in the fresh air -it blew the cobwebs away. However, it's now coming up to 2 o'clock and I still haven't had my lunch, so time to end off.

Least favourite time of year

I think February is my least favourite time of the year in the UK. The above photo was taken at 8.35 this morning. It's dull, grey, damp, cold and miserable. Each February I think back to South Africa where it'll be mid summer and nice and warm. I know that doesn't help me one little bit but on days like today, I wish I could go back for the warmth ;). Roll on Spring - as soon as the flowers start popping through again I feel so much better. We've lived in the UK for nearly 19 years now but I still find February a difficult month to get through. Now that I've got that off my chest - time to get on with my day! Hope you have a good one.