Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ticking them off & JYC Day 9

I have started ticking things off my to do list :o). Last night I finished writing all my Christmas cards and today I bought the stamps and posted them. It feels good!! I've spent most of the afternoon quilting - I sandwiched the layers together before lunch and then started sewing. I've done more than I thought I would so I'm really pleased.
Tomorrow I hope to make a start on wrapping presents and checking what I still need to buy. I can't believe it's two weeks on Friday till Christmas, it seems to have come round so quickly!
I am still managing to keep up to date with JYC and today I wrote about our Christmas Eve tradition. This year I'm hoping to go to the 4pm Church service which will still leave plenty of time for the tradition to continue.
Now to carry on pulling through thread ends, tie them off and sew them into the quilt to finish them off.