Monday, 9 April 2012

Claire's birthday & Photo a Day

 Today Claire turned 22   

Her plans certainly changed when she fell pregnant with Alice and she had to grow up quite quickly.  She rose to the challenge and is a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mother. She's had her ups and downs over the past couple of years but has handled things sensibly and with a new maturity which has made us so incredibly proud of her.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly, knows how besotted we all are with Alice and what an adorable little girl she is. It's down to Claire that Alice is the confident, happy little girl that she is today. She's a natural mother and has made Alice her priority. Well done my darling and keep it up :)
 We celebrated Claire's birthday by going to Harvester for lunch. Needless to say, Alice more or less stole the show ;).  She was so good and sat in her high-chair the whole time. She loves to drink out of a sports bottle so this fruit shoot was ideal for her.
 And tomato ketchup makes her extremely happy too.  Can you tell she'd had some with her food? Lol!!
 Emily, Craig and Claire
 Mummy was very brave and let Alice have her camera to look at the photos ;)

 I love this shot of Claire and Alice together - hence why it is my Photo of the Day
 After lunch it was back to the house so Claire could get her birthday presents and some cake (though we were all so full they ended up taking half the cake home with them instead)
Claire had asked for money to get some new clothes but I had to have something for her to open as well so I bought a few items too.

Enjoy the rest of your birthday, Claire :)