Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Baby update :)

Baby things are starting to be bought and a few have made it home already. Claire and I went in to Mothercare just before Norma got here and she's opened up a Baby Plan to start putting aside the bigger items she'll need for the baby.
First to be added was this pram. Claire had originally been going to get a red and black one but this green one is pretty funky and she changed her mind ;). The seat part changes into a carrycot that lies flat and she has now added the car seat that can clip straight onto the pram frame making it a 3 in 1. It really is lovely. Last week Norma, Mum and I went to The Craft Barn in Lingfield and then into Best Wishes for coffee where I spotted this little giraffe :) It was so sweet (and neutral in colour) that I had to buy it for Baby. When we got home another package was waiting for Claire, so Giraffe sat on top waiting for her too. Great excitement when Claire got home, she knew what was inside so the package was ripped open straight away ....
Baby's Moses basket
As Craig is a carpenter making up the rocking stand, for the Moses basket to go on, was his job.
It certainly didn't take him long
Isn't it cute!
Jon was called in to have a look
Giraffe got to sit in it first
And, it won't be that long before Claire and Craig have their baby in there. Claire was 20 weeks on Monday and is going for her scan on Friday, when she's hoping to find out what she's having. Exciting times!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Family Gathering

On Saturday we had a family gathering at our house. My nephew, Shane and his wife, Emma were up from Havant and it seemed the perfect opportunity as we hadn't got all the family together at one time since Norma had arrived. I think there were twenty of us in total, including the little ones, and the weather couldn't have been kinder - we got to sit outside, around the table and on the grass.
Some of the family
Alyssa looked very cute and was so good at letting us take photos.
Sitting with big brother, Tyler. Alyssa's face in this one is just so funny!! Claire reckons she looks like a pirate! ;)
Craig and Claire
Emma and Shane
My brother, Iain
Jon certainly had his work cut out with all the meat he had to braai.
Alyssa and her toys, she kept going all afternoon and was as good as could be.
I caught Tyler unaware in this one. He'd been playing lots and was ready for a little break.
Theresa, Tyler and Alyssa's Mum :)
Food time!
Finding a spot of shade
And in this one, Tyler told me he'd had enough photos taken for today!
We're having so much fun with Norma here. I hadn't made plans to be doing lots but I don't think there's been one day so far where we've spent the whole day at home. Things just seem to come up and we're going with the flow. I have plenty more photos but I'm not getting on the computer much at the moment. I'll add Norma's blog to my sidebar and you can catch up on her posts (which are more regular than mine at the moment!).

Sunday, 20 June 2010

20th of June = 22 years old and 19 weeks - 1 day

Today is Hugh's 22nd birthday. I think he got the things he was hoping for and that he's had a good day. We've just got back from having dinner at Frankie and Benny's (most enjoyable) and I have a lot more photos to go through but thought I'd put this one up for now.
Happy Birthday Hugh!
Love you :)
As we started taking photos of Claire on the 20th of each month, today was also the day to take her next photo. Tomorrow she will be 19 weeks pregnant and a week on Friday she goes for her 20 week scan where she's hoping to find out the sex of the baby :)
Claire's hoping that you'll be able to see she does have a bump now. It's not that clear at this angle but is more noticeable when she does this ;)
I know the blog is long overdue it's next post but life is quite busy at the moment. Norma eventually got here last Sunday (a story for another day) and although we thought we'd be having some quiet days this week, that hasn't happened. I promise to try and do some catch up posts during the week.
I also apologise for not being up to date with everyone's blogs - I hope to get a chance to do some catching up soon and promise to leave some comments when I do :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Keeping busy :)

Started quilting today :)
2 days to go till Norma arrives!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

3 Things

Yesterday I got an email from my sister in law, Liz, with a questionnaire to complete and forward on. I thought it was a fun one and have decided to do my answers here and if anyone else fancies playing along, I'd love to see your answers so please leave me a comment.
(Yellow iris in our garden)
It's fun to learn new things about our friends, so here goes:
Three names I go by:
Mrs Stevenson
Three places I've lived:
South Africa
Three places I've worked:
Dr Haskell's dental practice
Consolidated Frame Cotton Corporation
Gala Stationers
Three things I love to watch:
Lightening storms
Greys Anatomy ;o)
Three places I have been:
New York
Three things I love to eat:
Carrot cake
Three things I'm looking forward to this summer:
My sister, Norma, arriving on Saturday
Getting to read some of the books I've accumulated
Emily being on holiday
Anyone else going to play along? Let me know :o)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tag books

I really didn't know if I'd keep the tag books up to date but, we're nearly half way through the year and, I'm still going strong. I love being able to look back at them and see what we've done so far this year. There have certainly been a few visitors and we're excited that our next visitor, Norma, arrives on Saturday! Only 4 days!!
Yesterday's photo for my tag book was this one of Simon (my brother in law), Hugh and Jon. Simon arrived yesterday afternoon to stay for a night before flying to Tenerife. Jon, Simon and I went to The Nizam for a curry and this photo was taken when we got back. The lighting is shocking (spotlights in the kitchen) but I still like the photo of the three guys together. I've got a photo of Simon with Helen and Jon with Hugh when Hugh and Helen were babies and it was one of my favourite photos from that time. I'll have to look it out and scan it in so I can post it. I can't believe our babies are now 22 (well nearly for Hugh, his birthday's on the 20th).
Talking of babies ;o), Claire thinks she felt the baby move this morning. She said it was like a little popping sensation which only lasted a short while and then stopped again. She could well be right as she is now in her 18th week and it's around the time when you start to feel movement :o).
As I've had a really slow start to the day, it's probably about time I got a move on and started playing catch up!
Unless that's Norma just gone online on Skype, in which case I may wait a little while ;o)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today my Mum and Dad celebrate 57 years of marriage! What an achievement :o)
We went round this afternoon and had tea and cake with them and had a lovely afternoon chatting. Three more years and it'll be their Diamond Wedding Anniversary and I'm sure that would have to mean "Party Time!!" - what do you think ;o)
Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad, we love you lots xxxx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The week is flying by

Emily is on half term and I can't believe how quickly it's going - Friday tomorrow already!! Here are a few more photos ;o)
Claire hadn't had a chance to see much of Chrissie and Helen as she had been working and had other commitments while they were here. On Tuesday we met up with her during her lunch hour for a quick meal at Wetherspoons, which isn't far from her work. One of the things I love about Simon and Liz's children and our own is that no matter how long it's been since they last saw each other, they always get on so well together! It's been so much fun getting to see Simon, Richard and Henry at Easter and now Helen, the only one we haven't seen this year is Liz. Must be your turn next Liz!
Chrissie and Helen
Hugh, Claire and Emily
The girls went on to London yesterday for the final stage of their holiday and Emily and I headed down to Eastleigh in Hampshire. We met up with Michelle, Matthew and Joshua and headed down to Poole in Dorset so I could see The Guildhall where Michelle and Matthew are getting married in July, and also to have a wander round the surrounding area to see where we may be able to take some photos after the wedding.
By the time we got to Poole, it was lunch time and we decided to eat first and then walk around the old part of the town. We found an Italian restaurant near the marina which had windows all round so we could watch the world go by.
The Guildhall.
Emily and Josh wanted to be in the photo too!
Further down the road you come to the old town which has some beautiful stone buildings. Not quite sure what was going on here but they were happy to pose, which is most unusual!
Matthew down on one knee for a proposal shot ;o).
Now a few of the happy couple :o)
Loved this stone building and it's chimneys
And these doors were just asking for a boy/girl photo :o)
The weather was glorious and after exploring the area, we were more than ready for something cold to drink.
Thank you Michelle, Matthew and Josh, we really enjoyed our afternoon in Poole and are looking forward to being there for the wedding in 4 weeks time! Yikes, we better start looking for outfits ;o)