Tuesday, 3 April 2007

What's happening with the weather?????

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I got to sit outside reading my book for an hour or so. I had the washing on the line to dry and I thought this would be it for at least a few days. Today we woke up to more cloud! I went to pick Mum and Dad up to take them to a garden centre and it was positively chilly, had to borrow a scarf from Mum because I was wearing a low cut top! I just wish it would stop teasing us with the odd sunny day and then more freezing ...... I have chillblanes - haven't had them all winter but I've got them now! and they are sore!!!
Enough complaining .... on to the garden centre!
It was lovely to get a chance to walk around and see the bright flowers on display. I love the violas and these yellow ones had pretty "faces".
Little orange trees also caught my eye. I couldn't help wonder how such little trees could hold so much fruit!
This was a lovely colourful display of ceramic toadstools and little ladybirds at the bottom.

Finally, I bought myself some spring onion, chive and little gem lettuce seeds and am going to attempt to plant them in pots and see how they get on. With luck, I could be picking my own during the summer.
Enjoy the rest of your day

PS. Had an email from Theresa to let me know that Tyler got the all clear at the hospital yesterday - really good news. He's to go again in October just so they can check that his eyes are still fine.