Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dad's 83rd Birthday

My Dad turned 83 on Friday.  I'm sure he won't mind me saying that he never expected to reach this age. However, he's still active and walks into town to get the newspaper every day.  Truth be told, he's probably an awful lot fitter than I am! He's had a few hiccups over the years, health wise, but is still strong and, hopefully, will stay strong and still be here in ten years time to celebrate his 93rd birthday.
 Dad with his three youngest great grandchildren (Alice, Tyler & Alyssa)

Mum had thought they would just have a quiet day but I guess the rest of us thought otherwise. Claire, Alice and I went round in the afternoon to give him his presents, and to take a cake, and when we got there Kay (my sister) was already there and had brought a cake too. Emily came straight from school and Theresa (Kay's daughter) arrived with Tyler and Alyssa soon after.  There was plenty of cake to go round and we had to have the candles for the children Dad to blow out ;)

 Alice was taking it all in and got very excited when the candles were blown out.  Even after they'd been relit and blown out I don't know how many times!

 Dad, Alice & Tyler

 My first shot of Alice and her sister-to-be (Claire's bump ;) )
I think Alice was more than ready for a slice of cake :)
Iain (my brother) arrived later in the afternoon once he'd finished work but unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of him.  (Mind you, having just typed that I realise I didn't get any photos of any adults other than Dad :) ) 
Hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday day, Dad. Love you lots xx