Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Poor Tom!

We've had a few quiet days, the weather has been horrible and doesn't exactly make you want to go out. Today, however, we had no choice - Tom had to go back to the vets for them to check for crystals in his urine. He keeps getting infections and we are trying to get it under control.
As you can see, he's not overly impressed with it all. We got to the vets and, unfortunately, he didn't have a full enough bladder to get a sample so he's had to stay at the vets until they manage to take one. I'm hoping they won't be too late as I have weight watchers later.
Seeing as we didn't have a cat with us, Claire and I decided to pop into town so I could draw some money for buying Emily's new school uniform. (That was going to be my job for today = until I looked at the letter and saw they don't open on a Wednesday!) I was chatting to Erica in the bank and, casually, asked if they had any vacancies going because I'm looking at going back to work. Before I knew it, the manager had come down to introduce himself and have a chat. I've to apply online and then see where we go from there. Would I like to work in the bank? Possibly! .... lots of people contact, working 4 days a week, might not be too bad!
When we got home, Hugh was waiting to tell me that his XBox 360 Elite has developed the deadly RED RINGS! Basically this means that his XBox isn't working anymore and is likely to have to be sent away for repairs - not sure how he's going to survive without being able to play games. Anyway, he decided he needs a DVD player now (because he used to play DVD's throught the XBox) but, unfortunately, the spare one we had wouldn't work either. so we had to go into town before he started work so he could buy one. We had a quick lunch at Starburger (Hugh, Emily, Claire, Graham and myself), went to buy a machine and then went to Iceland so Graham could stock up on some food until his folks get back from holiday. By the time we'd finished it was raining ... again!!! ... so we dropped Claire and Graham off at his house and then just came home.
I am now waiting for the vets to call and then will go to be weighed this evening. Hoping for another loss tonight, just wonder how much
UPDATE: Back from Weight Watchers and another 2,5 pounds down - Yippee!!!!!