Monday, 15 July 2013

Hello Monday

I know I'm very unpredictable with my posts at the moment but I'm afraid that's life. Emily is on holiday and we are busy (nothing super exciting but day to day busy). So, I'm not going to say I'll be posting more regularly or anything like that, just that when I get the chance I'll pop in and post but for now blogging is taking a bit of a back seat.  That said, on with Hello Monday :)
Alice pushing Megan on the swing 

HELLO to breakfast at Starbucks with Claire, Alice, Megan and Norma before shopping.
HELLO to making a Key Lime Pie to take to a friend's tomorrow.
HELLO to quilting with friends.
HELLO to planting up my tomato plants.
HELLO to visiting a friend I haven't seen in far too long!
HELLO to Norma going to teach a lesson on Wednesday and being assessed for a permanent teaching post                  (Please keep her in your thoughts).
HELLO to Norma's furniture arriving from South Africa on Thursday.
HELLO to hopefully getting more of Megan's (and Alice's) quilts done.
HELLO to seeing a great-niece who's down from Scotland.
HELLO to spending time with family.
HELLO to what looks like, lots more SUNSHINE!