Sunday, 27 July 2008

Another day, another braai!

With the weather as beautiful as it has been, it only made sense that we had another braai today instead of a roast. It was just us and Claire's boyfriend, Graham. Nothing fancy, but certainly very yummy!! I haven't got lots to say, so instead, I'll just put a few photos from today.

Jon, waiting for the braai to be ready to cook on

Braai and food

A splash of colourGraham, Claire & Emily getting their food (please excuse all the washing waiting to be ironed, it's been too hot!!)My lunch (all pointed for Weight Watchers)

Pudding (also counted!)

I did my time on the Wii Fit again this morning and have to admit, much as I hate to, that I do feel better for having done the workout. I feel like I'm putting the effort in and it feels good! Long may it last.