Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hoping to be back soon

Norma left yesterday afternoon and I heard from my nephew, Kyle, a short while ago that she is home safe and sound. Our house is really quiet at the moment and we're missing having her around. I can't believe how quickly the month went by but we loved having her here and will have to start planning for the next visit :)
As you may have noticed, blogging has not been high on my list of priorities while Norma was here and although I'm hoping to be back blogging soon, I still have an awful lot of wedding photos to go through and edit as well as a quilt to complete and post. I'm feeling a bit behind at the moment but, hopefully, I'll be back on track again soon. To keep you going, here are a few photos taken recently.
My great niece, Alyssa, is always a lovely subject ;) I got some beautiful flowers from Ann, Michelle's mum, thanking me for taking the photos at the wedding. Thank you Ann, they were such a surprise and I really appreciate the thought x And finally, Norma and I went to Tesco the other day and these found their way into my shopping trolley :)
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I can't get over the weather we're having at the moment and long may it last :)