Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Good day!

A fun day today (after the housework lol!). Met Alison for a coffee at Chequer Mead and we got to sit in the garden because the sun was out again - yippee!! A glass of iced tea, lots of talk and an hour and a half later Ali had to go and pick up Leah and I was off to meet Karol for lunch at CJs. Lunch consisted of a slice of carrot cake and cups of tea - sound good? It's good having a birthday coming up because I get to meet up with friends and spend time catching up. Took my camera but no photos - oops!! Tomorrow is my interview (fingers crossed for that one) and then a trip down to Worthing Hospital with mum. Hope the weather stays good and we can enjoy the sunshine along the way. xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Myung San and Kevin popped in after school today once Kevin and Emily had finished their violin practice. I had mentioned I had been making a scrapbook page before I went out and she wanted to come and see what it is I do.

Never one to miss an opportunity (I need all the practice I can get) I asked if I could take a few photos of them. It was very bright outside so after a couple of photos we moved inside again.
Then Kevin wanted to take a photo of the "girls" (I did crop it a bit!)
And finally one of the page I made today.

Have a good evening

Sunday, 20 May 2007

This evening

Getting back from picking Claire up from the station after her weekend in London, I noticed this poppy growing out of one of the tubs. I know I didn't plant it there but I'm not complaining, it adds a lovely splash of colour.
A bit closer...
And closer still ....
This then prompted me to take a few more shots ....
Now it's back to getting Emily's uniform ready for school tomorrow. A four day week this week as she has an inset day on Friday and they are on half term next week. Looking forward to the break!

Take care

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A new look

Today Hugh had his hair cut! This may not seem such a big deal but, for Hugh, it's BIG! Let me show you a photo of Hugh with his hair as it was ...
and now for a photo of him after he had his hair cut this afternoon ......
Doesn't he look handsome!! I love being able to see his eyes again! He wasn't sure what Sarah would think when she saw it and was probably a bit apprehensive but he needn't have worried. After the first shocked/surprised look she said she liked it! A few more shots from different angles ;o)

While I was taking photos I took the opportunity to get one of the three "children" together
Claire, Emily and Hugh

Yes, Emily is catching up with Claire as Hugh shows in this next photo
All for today, have a good evening
Take care

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Doesn't the weekend go quickly! We had a couple more viewings on Saturday and while the first couple were here I was at the vets with Tom. He had an abscess underneath his paw which had to be lanced. Fortunately, since then he's been a lot happier and is able to walk on the paw again.

I also finally got round to making a bag for Claire to use for college. She didn't want anything fancy, just a bag she can put over her shoulder which is big enough to take her files, lunch, etc. Hopefully this bag will be strong enough to last her through to the end of term.
Jon and Emily have been taking the dogs out for a walk each afternoon. The dogs are getting better at walking on their leads and look forward to the outing. Today we decided to take them for a longer walk but Wallace didn't enjoy that one so much - he definitely needs to get fitter. These photos were taken earlier in the week as Emily and Jon returned back from a walk

Emily and Wallace

Jon and Cloud

Today Louise popped round after dropping Max & Faith and their friends, Chloe & Lauren, at McDonalds and they walked to our house when they'd finished. Claire had found Twister and suggested they have a game. There was much laughter and I couldn't resist taking a few photos. You will note that neither Louise or I took part in the game itself ;o)

Group photo L - R: Emily, Claire, Chloe, Max, Faith & Lauren

I know I keep saying I will try and blog more often but at this stage I will blog when I get a chance.

Take care


Sunday, 6 May 2007

Family BBQ

Iain, Louise, Max and Faith moved to East Grinstead last week and they invited the family to their house today for a bbq. We got there just as Kay, Theresa, Will and Tyler were arriving and Mum and Dad had already arrived.

We were lucky that the afternoon, though overcast, was warm enough to sit outside and as is to be expected, Tyler was centre of attention a lot of the time. He is growing up so quickly and is already 3,5 months old. First to get a hold was Mum/Great Grandma

I think it was my turn next (no photos) but it wasn't long before Hugh had a turn as well. Sarah (Hugh's girlfriend) was happy to watch and play with Tyler from next to Hugh.

Emily also had her turn at holding her little cousin
When I see how little Tyler is, it makes me realise how grown up our children are getting. I can still clearly remember each of them at Tyler's age and it doesn't seem that long ago!!

There will be more photos from the bbq on the family web page next weekend.

Have a good evening

Friday, 4 May 2007

I feel old!

Yesterday was our day to vote in the local Elections - it was also the first time that Hugh could come with us to vote!! How did I become old enough to have a son old enough to vote????
Hugh decided that if I was going to be so embarrassing and take a photo of him outside the Polling Station that Jon would have to be in the photo as well! LOL!!! So, here they are with their voting cards waiting for me to finish taking the photo so that we could all go in and vote. Another milestone reached!