Saturday, 25 September 2010


Yesterday saw Claire and me back at the hospital for Claire to get the results from the blood tests taken at her last visit. Everything came back normal and she doesn't have to go back to the hospital until 19/11 - which she hopes won't be necessary, as baby's due date is 15/11. She will see the midwife at our local surgery until then. 
Only three weeks until she goes on Maternity leave by which time I think she'll probably be more than ready to stop.
During the afternoon yesterday, I got the chance to work on the baby quilt. This one is just a little quilt which could be used in the Moses basket or to cover baby in the pram or car seat. One day it may even end up being a doll's quilt ;o)  I'm happier with it now that it's been quilted and will post a photo of the completed quilt once the binding is finished.
Today, when I got back from work, I got a package in the post from Sandi at Living Life One Blessing At A Time. I was the lucky one chosen to receive this book in Pass the Book, which was started by Sian at From High In The Sky. I keep the book for a month (which I'm really looking forward to) and then I'll be ready to pass it on to the next person. Please watch out for a post around the 25 October when I'll be asking you to leave a comment if you'd like a chance to be the next recipient of this book. 
It's such a great idea, so a big Thank You to Sian for starting the Book Pass.