Saturday, 14 January 2012

14 : 365(+1)

When Hugh works on a Saturday he usually asks for a lift in to work and then home again later to save him having to pay the parking charges. For some reason, this afternoon when I was going to pick him up, I picked up my camera before leaving home.  I managed to get this shot as he was walking up towards the car. 

It was really cold this morning with the heaviest frost on the ground that we've had this winter.  I had expected it because the sky was so clear last night and you could see the stars.  By this afternoon, with the sun out, it had warmed up a bit but it's back to being really chilly again this evening. I guess that talk of a mild winter must have jinxed things a bit and we're getting our first taste of winter this year :o)

I'm now off to put the last couple of photos in this weeks Project Life pages and write the journaling for the last couple of days.  Two weeks down and only another 50 to go ;o)


PS.  In case you're wondering where my photo for 13 : 365(+1) is, I'll be using the photo of the happy mail from Ruth in the previous post :o)