Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Emily's 13th birthday

Today my "baby" became a teenager! I can't believe it!! Where have the years gone? We have been so lucky with Hugh and Claire, we haven't had too much teenage attitude or rebellion and the teenage years haven't been too painful ;o) Somehow, I doubt that Emily will be any different - I dare say I'll become more embarrassing to her and she won't want to go out with me as much but, on the whole, I look forward to the coming years. I've enjoyed seeing her become more independent and confident. I love that she sees more of her friends and is enjoying school. I look forward to what the coming years hold in store for her and seeing how she grows as a young woman. I know she'll make us proud!
When Emily got back from school this afternoon we had the family round for tea and cake. I didn't take many photos and I was enjoying the afternoon. Here are a few that I did take.
It used to be that Emily was the one who would be helping people to open their presents and blow out their candles. Today, she asked Tyler (my great nephew) if he would like to help her blow out her candles. She's no longer the baby in the family!
Claire enjoyed spoiling her younger sister on her birthday. Working in a bookshop certainly has its perks and today Claire managed to get Emily the new New Moon Movie Companion book. I think you can see by the photo that she was very happy!!
I'll have to leave it at that for now as we are about to go out to dinner - Wing Wah, Emily's choice!