Saturday, 4 February 2012

Michelle's visit (photo heavy)

Better late than never - I've finally had a chance to come online and upload the photos of Michelle, Matthew, Josh and Lily's visit last Sunday. Unfortunately, because they live a bit further away, we don't get to see them as often as we might like so it was fantastic when Michelle phoned to ask if we were going to be in so they could come and visit. 

 Lily is 10 weeks now and sooo cute!  She's certainly Michelle's little blue eyed girl and it's so lovely to see them together.
 She was quite happy to lie on the quilt on the floor and have a look around her new surroundings - though hopefully they'll soon become familiar to her.
 She has such big blue eyes which are so different to Alice's dark brown eyes.
 Mac just loves babies and wants to be near them. When he realised Lily was on the floor he came to lie next to her. He's so protective ;o).  He was the same with Alice and used to lie on the stairs so he could look down into her crib to make sure she was alright. Even now when Alice is here, he's so tolerant and seeks her out - sometimes giving her a little head butt to make sure she realises he's there.  It's so sweet to watch!
 Watching TV ;o)
 Josh is a lovely big brother and when he leans over to talk to Lily, she gets quite excited.
 I love the expression on Lily's face in this one as she looks at her big brother :o)
 After her nap Alice came downstairs (with Wibbly Pig) and was a little shy with all the people.
 It didn't take her too long to join in though and Josh had her in stitches with his funny dancing. This little expression is one we've seen a number of times recently - too cute!
 Watching her big cousin - it looked like she just wanted to join in too :o)
 The new surroundings and all the people tired Lily out. Unfortunately, she wasn't sleeping as well as she might for the same reason (new surroundings and noise).
 Daddy's turn for a cuddle - and Mac had to make sure he got as close as possible too!
A little family photo but Josh was off with Jon somewhere.

I do have even more photos but I'm sure these will do for now.  I've made a point of adding a few extra to my Project Life this week using a cut down page protector. Hope to have the photos of the last two weeks up tomorrow.



On Wednesday, when Alice was here, I noticed that she had a few spots on her legs and wondered if she was getting a rash. Claire phoned on Thursday evening to say Alice had more spots on her back and a couple under her arms.  My first thought was Chickenpox! However, yesterday when I had a look at them, the spots weren't Chickenpox spots and she had a number of blotchy patches on her legs and tummy. I phoned the Doctor's and he asked for her to be brought in in the afternoon so he could have a look and see what he thought was going on.  Alice went down for a sleep just before 11am and when I picked her up an hour later there were another 4 marks on her face which hadn't been there before.  (In the photo above you can see one half way between her nose and mouth and slightly to the right). 

I had been keeping Claire updated and her boss said she could come to the Doctor's with us she was obviously quite concerned. By the time we were leaving for the surgery, some of the blotches had gone down but others had appeared - very strange.  It turns out she has a viral rash (similar to- but not - slapped cheek or foot and mouth) which will appear and disappear and should be gone within 3 - 4 days. Fortunately it doesn't make you feel ill and he said, apart from the rash she will probably just carry on as normal.