Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursday already??

Things have become a little busier round here in the past few days. Nothing over the top exciting, just busier!
Monday was a bank holiday for us but started out like a normal Monday where I take Mum to Sainsburys and we do our weekly grocery shop. Claire comes with us to "help me spend less!" I don't know if it works but it's fun having her along.
Emily was invited to go to her friend Emily's house. They hadn't seen each other for a while and were excited to catch up again, so I dropped her off before we went to Sainsburys (she doesn't enjoy grocery shopping!)Afterwards, it was home to unpack and have a bite to eat before heading out again to pick up Mum and meet up with my sister, Kay at Cafe Neros for a coffee and chat. We try to meet up every few weeks and, normally, Kay's daughter Theresa and grandson, Tyler, come too.
Claire had a hot chocolate before heading off with her friend Tom (who stopped for a coffee first), which left Mum, Kay and myself to put the world right and catch up with what's been going on.

Tuesday had been going to be a quiet day until my friend Helena phoned and asked if we fancied going out to Snowhill Garden Centre for a wander around and a coffee. Helena is also from South Africa and we met at the Doctor's surgery not long after she and her family moved here.

Jessie, Helena and Daniel
I hadn't realised that meeting for coffee was going to result in new additions to our family though! ;o) Helena mentioned that they were going to buy a hamster cage because they'd decided it was time to get some pets for the children. They'd seen some dwarf hamsters and had decided to get the cage and set it up before going to get the hamsters the following day. Emily used to have hamsters and I asked her if she still wanted her cage. She did and Helena asked if she'd like to go to the pet shop with them and get another hamster too. So, after getting the sawdust, bedding, food, etc., the cage was dug out from the shed and set up in Emily's room. We went to the pet shop yesterday and, I have to admit, the hamsters are really cute! Helena was getting four - two for her children and two for a friend's. Emily was going to get one but .... there were six little male dwarf hamsters in the cage, if we were taking five of them that would leave one behind. Being the softy I am, I couldn't bear the thought of that little hamster - who was used to having so many around him - suddenly being in the cage on his own. I'm sure you've already worked out that we ended up coming home with two hamsters as well. One is now mine and is called Pickle and Emily's is called Mitchy.



Thanks, Graden and Helena, for a fun morning!

And to end off, a birthday card I made for Theresa, whose birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday Theresa!! xx