Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tyler's birthday

 Tyler turned FIVE on Saturday and we were all invited for a family birthday tea. 
 He was so sweet - super excited but also wanting to show that he is a Big Boy now :o). He waited until everyone was there before opening his presents and sat in the middle so we could all watch.
 However, for us, the thing that stood out most was that suddenly Alice wasn't the baby any more. She was up there with the other two, joining in and following them around.
 I love this photo where you can see the two girls playing in the background while Tyler opens presents. 
The girls played with their babies and followed each other around, sometimes having little cuddles :o) which was so cute!
 Alice enjoyed the party food and would keep coming back to help herself to a little bit more.
But the thing I learnt? Is that it's okay for photos of children not to be in focus because as you can see from this last photo, they certainly don't stay still for long!!


Debbie & Dave (my sister-in-law and her husband) popped in to visit us on their way back to Yorkshire from Deal.  They moved to Yorkshire last year but the last time Emily and I actually saw them was when we went to stay with them in Cambridge in May last year (and for Jon it was longer than that). It was lovely to see them again and to get to catch up.  They've invited us up to go and visit them whenever we want so perhaps we'll have to think about it for Summer this year.  Thanks for stopping to see us, Deb & Dave.