Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Finally finished

Posting again a bit sooner than expected ;)  I'm a bit like the buses - none for ages and then two come along! 

I started this log cabin quilt about three years ago. It's completely hand sewn using the "Quilt as you Go" method. I loved making the blocks but have to admit that when it came to the thought of joining them all up I wasn't quite so keen!  There were times when I didn't touch the quilt for months but there were other times when I'd sit sewing each night. Once I finally got round to joining it up (and realised it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be) I was working on it most nights. Now that I've finished I've had to find something else to do in the evenings. ;) 

I wish you could feel this quilt, it is really heavy but also really soft because it's all been hand worked.  What a difference there is between hand sewn and machine sewn quilts!  I don't know if it'll stay on the bed (I needed somewhere to lay it out to take a photo) because as it gets colder I have a feeling we might like having it downstairs to snuggle under. 

It's also wonderful for wrapping Aunty Em up in
and playing hide and seek under ;)