Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Our morning dog walk

On our dog walk this morning I remembered to take my camera. We don't do a terribly long walk but we are lucky that we live in quite pretty surroundings. This field can be seen just down the road from us and a lot of people walk their dogs there. It also stretches up behind the houses just behind us and we can access it from there too.
A little bit further on and you can see the old Manor House through the trees.
This garden is on our route and is well looked after. At the moment the snowdrops are all coming out and there's a mass of white snowdrops just waiting to open.
On the homeward stretch. The red postbox on the right is just behind Mum and Dad's house (their's is the one with the hedge) and this morning Dad was in his bedroom and waved as we walked past. :o)
This was taken once we got home. My face looks quite red but I have to admit that it wasn't particularly from exertion, it was because it was bitterly cold this morning. My nose and chin felt quite numb by the time we got back. This is also why there aren't any more photos, my hands were freezing and I wanted to keep them in my pockets as much as possible. I guess next time I'll have to remember to take my gloves and hat!
I think even Cloud was quite happy to get home - though she knows that she gets a doggy treat once we get inside.

Healthy Eating Update

I realised this morning that I was supposed to take a photo last week for my monthly update and I hadn't. I got Claire to take another photo of me this morning instead. I've worn the same clothes (I think last time I had also just taken Cloud for a walk!) so that I can get a better idea of whether it's working or not. I have to say, I'm quite happy with the progress so far - still a long way to go but I can see a slight improvement. It's encouraged me to keep on with what I'm doing and stick to the Weight Watchers plan. xx