Tuesday, 10 March 2009


As I mentioned before, Claire has a week's holiday this week. We decided to take a trip up to Ikea today as Jon was going to be at home and we could take his car (it's bigger!). We picked Mum up on the way and were there shortly after they opened. As you can see in the above photo, the clouds had gathered by the time we arrived and it was threatening rain.
Claire and Mum
It was also quite chilly but we had decided not to take jackets in with us - brrrrr!!! We spent a couple of hours walking round the displays before stopping for some lunch and then going on to the Market Place and to collect our larger items. I've been wanting an Expedit bookcase to put some of my scrapbooking supplies in and today, finally got it. Also picked up a few of the CD towers for Hugh and Emily. Fortunately, we managed to get it all in the back of the car (seats down and through the middle of the seats).
Now it's all sitting in the room in boxes, waiting for me to assemble ;) I didn't have the energy to do it tonight. I believe Dad has built Mum's little cabinet and has offered to give me a hand tomorrow if I need it - Jon will be back at work (much to his relief! hehe) And a bit of storage never goes wrong.
Off to relax for a while before heading up to bed.