Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Photo a Day

Sunday  25 March 2012
Our clocks went forward on Sunday, never my favourite time of year as I hate losing an hour's sleep! However, we had another beautiful day and my parents came round for an early dinner (though by the time it was ready it wasn't that early ;o) ). We sat outside to begin with until it got too chilly. I merrily took photos of the cats in the garden and I got this photo of Hugh making himself a pizza when he'd got home earlier in the afternoon, but I didn't actually take any photos of Mum and Dad! I'm not doing so well with this photo taking at the moment :o(

Monday : 26 March 2012
We had so much fun on Monday. The temperature went up to 20C+ and Alice and I spent a lot of time out in the garden.  We put the garden umbrellas up so that we had some shade for her to play in and I also applied sun lotion a few times.  I did well taking photos this day and ended up with about 50 of Alice :o) (doting Grandma perhaps?) so chosing one for my photo a day was quite difficult.  I think an extra page may be added to Project Life this week because I love them all.  Some of you may have seen more on my Facebook page already.

Monday : 27 March 2012 
I've been on the go most of the day today - I think I was at home for about an hour today and the rest of the time was spent out and about doing stuff. However, after an early dinner, Emily and I went to her school for a talk on the World Challenge the school is planning for 2014.  They are taking 18 children to Uganda for 4 weeks.  Emily, and a couple of her friends, were interested in finding out more. The talk today was just to let them know what the trek entails and what sort of things they might expect to do. It was very interesting and has certainly given Emily food for thought. The next step, should she want to take part, is to write a letter of application to the school explaining why she would like to go, what she thinks she'd get out of it and how she might go about the fundraising. From the applicants received, the school then have to choose the 18 children who are going to go. Not an easy task. For those who are chosen, I have no doubt it will be a life changing experience and one they will never forget.  Emily now has to think carefully, taking into account all they've been told, and decide whether she is going to apply or not.