Sunday, 29 August 2010

What have we been up to??

The days are just slipping away at the moment and I can't believe Emily will be going back to school on Thursday - where did the summer go? (both weather wise and school holiday wise!)
I've been doing a bit of knitting for Alice Rose (being a November baby I feel she's going to need some cardigans!) On Thursday, Emily and I went to Holyport near Maidenhead to pick up some baby clothes for Claire. My SIL's step son and his wife had a little girl a couple of months ago and asked if Claire would like some Newborn clothes, hence our trip. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible and our hoped for picnic in Windsor didn't materialise but we did stop off at a local pub for lunch. The food was very tasty and it was nice and warm inside. Emily always has a book in her bag so when I popped to the loo, her book came out of her bag ;o). She can also read in the car - something I've never been able to do - so had a chance to read on the way home as it was pouring down and I had to concentrate on my driving. We still did it in good time and were home in just over an hour. It was my niece's birthday on Friday so I made a card for her on Thursday evening. I love this Martha Stewart butterfly punch so it was good to get a chance to use it. On Friday we went round to Theresa's in the afternoon for tea and cake. Tyler was so excited about the cake and the candles and ended up blowing them out for Mummy :o), while Mum and Dad (Tyler's Great Grandma and Great Grandpa) looked on. Alyssa just wants to walk all the time so my sister was kept busy as Alyssa'd only let her Mummy or her Nan hold her hand. She's teething at the moment and didn't want to go to anyone else.
Apart from that Emily and I have been school shopping for school shoes and uniform; I bought my first pair of Converse and love them ;o), I worked yesterday and today and I'm enjoying feeling a bit more creative again. I'm wanting to start another quilt and am toying with the idea of using this pattern on Susan Weinroth's blog, it would be something different for me and I thought I could try a small Moses Basket size in pastel colours and see how I get on.
For now though, I need to decide what I'm going to make for dinner and I should really start tackling the ironing pile before it grows any more - I'd much rather start cutting out strips for the quilt though! I wonder which will win ;o).
Hope you're enjoying your weekend, whatever you're doing...