Friday, 10 September 2010

A couple more layouts

Claire and I spent a very enjoyable morning with our friends Helena and Graden today. We went to a local garden centre for breakfast (I refrained from having a cooked breakfast and had toast instead, so I could still point it) and sat chatting for ages. We also popped in to Hobby Craft, which is in grounds of the garden centre. I hadn't intended buying anything but came home with some wool and a baby pattern ;o).
Graden, Helena and Claire
This afternoon was spent completing a couple more layouts. I used the wonderful template that I won on Amy's blog a little while ago and did hybrid layouts. I love that I can just switch off the writing and borders to print the photos the sizes I need and then turn them on again to print the background page. Thank you Amy, this template has been great!
I used the template to do a layout of Claire's first scan and decided to keep the same layout for the other two scans as well. In the one above (the second scan), the journalling reads :
"Your second scan was on 06 May 2010, which was also the day to go and vote in the general elections. We voted first and then picked Craig up from home (he had a day off work) and headed to the hospital for your appointment. I don't think Craig was quite sure of what to expect but a big smile came over his face when he saw his little baby on the monitor. It's amazing how much the baby has grown since the first scan three weeks ago. It was so exciting to see it's little body and see the heart beating. It certainly makes it all seem more real now. Love that little baby scan!" The journalling on the layout for the third scan reads:
"Your third and final scan was on 02 July 2010 while Aunty Norma was still here from South Africa. We were so excited to see if we could find out what you are having but, at your appointment, they couldn't see because the feet were in the way. You were sent away to have something sweet to eat and told to do a few star jumps before going back again to see if it had made a difference. It had, you're having a little GIRL!!! So exciting. I know this little girl is going to be loved by everyone and now we can start buying pink things :)
Yay, for simple layouts - great fun!