Friday, 14 December 2012

End of the week already?

My goodness, where has the week gone!
 Hugh wanted to go in to town to do his Christmas shopping and wanted me to go with him. We didn't do very well - found a DVD I'd like and Home Alone for Hugh then went to Costa for a Black Forest Hot Chocolate.
 On Tuesday morning I was up earlier than normal as Emily had to be at school by 6.15am because a group of Textiles students were going up to The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.  Claire had a midwife appointment in the morning to discuss her choice of having a home birth. Alice and I stayed at the house and played and then as she got tired she wanted to watch a DVD but wouldn't sit on my knee because she knows if she does that I'm going to try and get her to sleep. She's not silly ;o)
 It was freezing when we got up on Wednesday. When we came downstairs I kept saying how cold I was so Emily went and checked her phone to see what the temperature was. -6C!!! No wonder I was cold!  By 2pm it was still only -2C. It looked very pretty (though you can't tell so much from this photo).  Emily started writing her mock exams and had one in the morning and another in the afternoon. She came home at lunch and I took her back up to school in time for the 2nd one.

 Yesterday morning I went up in the loft to pull out all the baby stuff for Claire. I definitely think it's time for her to get ready for baby arriving as the due date is two weeks tomorrow! She now has the Moses basket and stand, 0-3 month baby clothes and a suitcase to pack in case she needs to go in to hospital. We have agreed I'll keep the bouncy chair and crib here as she has the Moses basket and pram and a baby swing at the house.  It still seems a bit unreal that baby could be here so soon but it's soo exciting too :)
 I took a few photos of ornaments yesterday and had to try the reflection one. The bauble could do with a clean but use it for now.
 Claire and Alice came back to the house after we'd been in to town in the morning. Alice is so at home here and she loves coming to sit and play on my computer. I had been trying to do a few bits but who could say no to such a cutie!
The Round Table Santa came round last night but Alice wasn't keen on seeing him. He was very understanding and just waved to her from the end of the path. Maybe next year she'll like meeting him more.

I have been doing a December Daily (very simple) and keep meaning to take photos of it but haven't yet.  I'll try and do that this weekend and post it on the blog. Have a great weekend!