Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Keeping me busy

We moved into our house in December 2007.  We moved from a larger house and, although we had got rid of quite a lot before moving, we ended up with boxes in the garage. Nearly four years later those boxes are still in the garage and each time I walk in it bugs me. 

This week Claire had a weeks holiday and I'm not looking after Alice so it seemed like the ideal time to get stuck in in the garage and go through the boxes. I ordered a skip, which was delivered on Monday morning, but by yesterday afternoon I'd filled it. 

 I have been quite ruthless - after all, if it's been sitting in the garage for four years and we haven't really missed it we probably don't need it.
Unfortunately, I haven't finished yet. There is still quite a bit I could get rid of and at the moment I'm debating whether I should get another skip or not.  Our problem is that we have a number of old computer monitors, computers, TVs, printers and even a fax machine but these are items listed as not to be put in the skip unless you have prior written agreement.  I now have to phone the skip company and find out whether it'll cost more to dispose of those things. Another option may be to call the council and see if they'll do a collection.  Regardless, I'm feeling happier when I walk in the garage as it's not as cluttered as before which has to be a good thing.