Sunday, 11 March 2012

Finishing off the week

Wednesday: 07 March 2012
 Alice was full of cold on Wednesday and not the happiest little girl. However, when Tyler and Alyssa arrived in the afternoon to stay with us while their Mum and Dad went to Tyler's parent/teacher meeting at the school, she soon perked up :).  It's so sweet to watch these three together, Alice and Alyssa give each other lots of cuddles and Tyler likes to make the girls laugh with his antics.

Thursday: 08 March 2012
 Thursday was spent running around from one place to the next and I didn't remember to take photos! So, when I stepped out the back when I got home and saw the sun shining on the first of our tulips it felt like the perfect photo for the day.

Friday: 09 March 2012
 Mum turned 81 years young on Friday and had family round in the afternoon for a birthday tea. I was quite pleased to catch this photo of her with her three youngest great grandchildren. Mum has five children, eleven grandchildren and six great grandchildren :)

Saturday: 10 March 2012
On Friday night once I'd got home and could relax, a cold started quite suddenly.  My voice nearly went and my nose started running.  By Saturday morning it was here in full force and I started taking some tablets for it. Hoping it'll start clearing soon!