Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Grandbaby :)

Yesterday Jon's daughter Michelle and her husband, Matthew got to see their baby for the first time. Michelle is now 13 weeks pregnant and was sent to have a scan after seeing her midwife on Thursday. Baby is doing well and they were able to see his/her heartbeat. Such exciting times - again :)  How lucky are we!
Roll on 22 November, we can't wait to meet you little one xxx

Friday, 20 May 2011

This week

We tend to have the TV on first thing in the morning and we watch Daybreak. I like to see what's on the news and find out what the weather's doing and we quite enjoy the banter of the presenters. It's fairly light hearted and often gives us a laugh which, in my book anyway, is a good way to start the day.

There tends to be an item that would appeal to children just before 8am and on Wednesday they had The Wiggles on. As soon as they started singing they had Alice's attention :).  Later that morning Claire thought she would see if there any other programmes which Alice might like to see how she'd react. The next programme coming up was Dora the Explorer so we switched over and waited for it to start. It was so funny, Alice pushed herself up to standing at the end of the couch and was glued to the TV! She waved her arms around and chuckled and fake coughed (her latest attention seeking/happy thing to do lol!) Needless to say I had to get a photo to catch her reaction to her first chidren's programme :)

 More serious once Dora had finished
 Yesterday morning when I went outside I couldn't get over how many roses had come into bloom! The scent from this rose bush is wonderful - we can smell it as we walk out the back door and I wish I could bottle the perfume!
Close up of one in bloom

 Another day or so and this one will be the same :) 
Then a final photo of Alice just before she and Claire went in to town this morning. She also got to wear the little cardigan I finished the other day, for the first time. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend


This morning, as I went outside to take our next door neighbour's little girl a present for her first birthday, Mac was making quite a bit of noise down next to Hugh's car. When I looked over to see what he was miaowing about I could see he had a bird in his mouth! That's the only problem with this time of year, young birds who aren't very good at flying become fairly easy prey for the cats in the neighbourhood :(  Normally we wouldn't worry about Mac catching them, as he tends to be a bit slow, but today he proved he can catch them as well as his sister - who is much faster!

Anyway, back to the story.  I managed to shoo Mac away from the bird and called to Claire to grab me something to put the bird in. The only thing she could find was a milk formula box so, with the box behind it and my iPhone in front of it, I managed to ease the bird into the box. It didn't look hurt (I think Mac was still playing with it) and it soon calmed down once it was in the box. I made a couple of phone calls and it was agreed that the best thing to do was try and put it back close to where he had got it. Once Mac was fast asleep on the chair, I took the bird out to the trees at the back of our house and set the box down next to a hold in the fence. It jumped onto the lid and hopped down, slipped through the hole in the fence and fluttered into the bushes. I hope it survives now and escapes the other preditors in the area. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Happy 1/2 birthday

Happy 1/2 birthday precious gbaby
Love you

Amy's template

While catching up on blog reading yesterday, I saw Amy's post asking who wanted to join in in scrapbooking the present, this week, no matter how trivial. Although mine isn't a story about something that happened, it is about Alice now and what she's doing.

First page I've scrapped in a while - thank you Amy for getting me scrapping again :)
PS Looking at this on the blog everything looks crooked but it's not IRL :( 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I'm back :)

It feels like ages since I last posted on my blog.  I'd been having problems with my computer freezing or shutting down on me so Jon decided we needed to do a complete rebuild. We hit a couple of hiccups along the way but finally, I'm back online again :-).

I've missed not being able to post photos of my gorgeous granddaughter ;-) so, I'll start with one of Alice taken yesterday afternoon as we sat in the garden. Can you believe that tomorrow she'll be 6 months old!!  She's now sitting on her own, has one tooth through and possibly a couple more ready to make an appearance. She's loving eating solids and wants to try whatever we're eating (when possible). Claire is going to move her up to the next stage of baby food where there are more lumps (and flavour!). She loves breadsticks and if Claire has a muffin she lunges for it (I might have had something to do with starting her off on muffins!). She's also tried lettuce, tomato and little bits of chicken. She's such a cutie pie but is growing up so quickly!!
Alice and Claire/Mummy
I can't remember if I mentioned before that I was jumping in with Project Life. My kit arrived at the end of April and I started working on it from the beginning of May. It was a bit frustrating being unable to print out my photos while my computer was down but today I finally got them printed and into the album. Below are the first two completed weeks :-)  There's nothing terribly exciting but then I guess that IS every day life!
 Week 1

Week 2

Now I've got to get into the habit of blogging again. Wish me luck! ;-)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Out of Action

I've been having issues with my computer for a little while now. Tomorrow Jon is going to wipe everything off my computer and rebuild it. This means I'm going to be off line until my computer is sorted and up and running again.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Right now

Today I'm joining in with Kelly Willette's "Right Now" challenge (for want of a better word!).  Here's what she says on her blog:

"I’m horrible at remembering to document just for the sake of documenting….I’m such a perfectionist that I have to stage/pose everything.  and, I really want my kids to look back at our photos and see that sometimes, our house was a wreck – toys were all over the house, dishes were left in the sink, and the laundry was (and still IS) piled up.
I want to force myself to capture our REAL day to day – RIGHT now.
so I’m creating a goal for me and for you, my readers.  let’s focus on the “RIGHT NOW” in our photos.  I’m not suggesting that we uncover ALL of our home’s messiness all of the time….but let’s make a pointed effort to capture the “right now” occasionally in our photos."

I read about this when Kelly first posted but then didn't get round to posting my photo on the day I took it. I'm going to say it's okay to post it today instead. This was our kitchen on Monday morning - mess and all! Claire was feeding Alice, Emily was waiting for her toast to pop up and Hugh  had just made some breakfast. This is real life and this is the photo I used in Project Life for Monday.

Are any of you joining in on this as well?  I'd love to be able to link up and see your Right Now too :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Today has been a quiet day for Emily and myself. Yesterday, Emily had a tummy bug which made her quite ill but, fortunately, it seems to have been a 24 hour bug as she was feeling a bit better today though still quite weak. That's not really surprising as she didn't eat anything yesterday and has only had an apple and a few spoons of rice today. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day and she'll be eating a little bit more. 
 Today she made it downstairs and was back on her laptop for a while :)
 I had a walk round the garden looking at the plants that are flowering at the moment. This clematis is flowering for the first time - it was planted last year but didn't flower and we've been waiting to see whether we would get any this year or not. Looks like we're in luck!
I'm not sure whether you can see the flowers in this photo clearly enough. It's a bush we have under our kitchen window and each year around this time it has masses of these tiny pink/lilac flowers and the most amazing scent. The flowers don't last for long but while they are out the smell from them is wonderful. We don't know what this plant is so if anyone has any idea, I'd love to know.
 This photo was taken on Friday when we were watching the Royal Wedding - Alice was the most patriotic of us all in her red, white and blue outfit.
 Today she was in a little summer outfit as they were going out to visit friends after Craig/Daddy finished his football match.
She is now sitting on her own (though we like to be near by - just in case) and is starting to take an interest in her toys. She loves anything that plays music and one of the ways Claire can get her off to sleep is by singing to her.

I hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow - have you got anything nice planned?