Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Day in the Life (31/01/2013)

I've seen Ali Edward's Day in the Life before but never remembered to join in on the day. Last month I saw her mention it again and decided to play along.  I must warn you though that this post is very photo heavy.

A school week day for me starts at 6am when my alarm goes off.  I do tend to lie in for another 5 minutes or so before getting up and heading for the shower. I wash my hair and do my make up when I get out, before heading downstairs.  On the way I'll pick up the washing and sometimes collect dry washing ready for ironing.
The washing gets put in the machine first, then I feed the cats (we have 4)
 I switch on Daybreak (morning TV) so we can see the weather and I can catch the news.
 then dry my hair.
 Emily had great fun teasing me about my attempts at self portraits (with my camera sitting in the kitchen cupboard)
 Hair dried and it's on to making her lunch while she sorts out her breakfast.
 When I have my breakfast depends on how organised I am, but it's normally with Emily
 Time to catch up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram quickly while Emily finishes getting ready.
Emily getting her music ready for the walk to school
 And getting me back for taking photos of her
 Then sets off (she only has a five minute walk to school but likes to leave a bit earlier to see her friends before school starts)
 A phone call to Claire to catch up on her and the girls
 While Hugh comes in to make his breakfast.
 On Thursday I was meeting friends for coffee at 9am so the car park was still fairly empty when I got there.
 Walking up London Road (I do like our town and the old buildings)
 and along the High Street
 to Caffe Nero 
 All the town photos were taken using my iPhone including this one of a couple of Sarah and Carol.

After coffee I popped in to town to return a jumper, go to the bank for Mum and get a few bits from Boots (the chemist). 
Popped in to Mum and Dad's on the way home
 Dad was looking a bit brighter again though he'll be glad when he finally gets his hair cut on Wednesday as it's been 4 months at least since the last time.
  Helped Mum with her shopping order (which reminded me I needed to do mine!)
 Not the most nutritious lunch - hot cross buns with butter and jam and a cup of coffee ;o)
 I had been trying to get a shot of the new jumper I got but my arm isn't long enough (lol!)
 Catching up on a few blogs
My Sainsburys online grocery order
 A bit of editing - ready for Project Life - before making dinner 
Chicken wrapped in bacon, new potatoes, roast tomatoes and steamed veg (with a bit of ranch dressing on top)
 A hot chocolate (because I'm trying to cut down on eating chocolate)
while watching the previous evenings taped Greys Anatomy before heading to bed around 10.30pm.

I quite enjoyed doing this and may (if I remember) try and do it at the end of each month.