Sunday, 19 May 2013

Our walk down Forest Way

 Norma and I have started Weight Watchers this week and are going to attempt to walk more regularly for exercise.
 We were about to go for a walk down Forest Way and got Emily to take a photo of us before we left. And yes, believe it or not, we are in the middle of May all bundled up for the cold!
The Forest Way path is really close to where we live and a popular walk for people in the area. This particular day this dog was ambling along and quite happy to walk with us a lot of the time.  That's her owner up ahead on the left :)
 We really are so lucky to have this walk nearby as it feels like you're in the countryside. Anyway, as we carried on down the path, the dog's owner was waiting for her and had obviously seen us stopping to take photos. He asked if we'd seen the bluebells in the woods just off the path and explained where he was talking about. As we neared the spot he had stopped to point it out to us and we're so grateful he did.
 We had to go down a little path off the main path to get into the woods where there was a carpet of bluebells. Absolutely stunning!
 And the deeper in we went, the more bluebells there were.  Standing in the middle of them the scent was beautiful.
On this walk I took about 100 photos. Each way you turned was as pretty or prettier than what you'd been looking at. Here are a few more ...

We also saw a badger set - this was just one of the many holes in the area.  There were also, what we presume were, deer hoof prints where the ground was quite soft and a tree which had been gnawed by something. All signs of the wildlife so close to where we live.

As we left the area we were on a high. One to tick off the bucket list ;o)

Homeward bound again.