Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sewing and other randoms

I have spent most of the afternoon sewing. When I'm quilting one of the things I find most important is to iron often. I sew the squares into rows first and then the ironing begins. As I'm ready to sew rows together, I iron the seams of joining rows in opposite directions so there isn't too much bulk. After sewing the first two rows together I iron again, add another row, iron again and so it goes on until all the rows are joined.
I have now reached the stage where all the rows are joined and it's time to cut the borders to size. As I'm not always happy with squaring my quilts, I am busy reading my quilting go to book (Rotary Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro). I love the colour combination in this little quilt, it's so fresh and light. I'm so glad my SIL likes it too!
While sewing this afternoon I had my iPod on shuffle for background music. This evening I was listening to Michael Buble - I do like his voice! I love mellow music - Jason Mraz, Joshua Radin and Jack Johnson to name a few. A couple of days ago I was looking for my Savage Garden CD and found a few other older CDs that I've added to my iPod as well. Now really showing my age, I added some John Denver, R.E.M, Wilson Phillips and Chris de Burgh. I can't listen to all of it but there are still some songs that I really like. What sort of music do you like listening to and are there any oldies that you still enjoy?
Sag Aloo with added onions and peppers (dinner last night)
My healthy eating hasn't been going as well as I had hoped and I have decided to go back to doing the Weight Watchers plan. At least then I know I can still have a little of what I like so long as I count the points. I'm starting on the points tomorrow and because I've done WW before, I'm hoping it'll soon feel normal again. I've also realised I need to write out a menu plan for myself; not just what I'm going to have for dinner but what I'm going to have for lunch too. My breakfast is generally the same; Special K, fruit and light soya milk. If I have the menu written out I'm more likely to stick to it.
After Jon woke me just before 5am this morning to say he was on his way to work I didn't go back to sleep until about 5.30 and then my alarm went off at 6! I should have just got up at 5 - now I'm feeling really tired and think I'm going to have an early night.
More sewing tomorrow - hoping to get the quilt top finished and sandwiched together so I can start on the actual quilting. Have you got plans for tomorrow?