Monday, 22 March 2010

Quick recap of today

What an eventful day! It started with Jon leaving for work as normal, around 5.50am; I got up at 6 and had my shower and then at 6.30 I heard Jon arriving home again. Turns out there had been an accident and they'd closed the M25 off. As Jon needs to go on the M25 to get to work he had to turn round and come home again. Fortunately he is able to work from home as he has a work computer he can use and connect to his data. I left him to it while I went to pick up Mum.
Next stop was Sainsburys for our shopping and coffee at Starbucks. The coffee was just what I needed this morning and was delicious! We had our weekly catch up before heading home again. Shopping unpacked and it was time to make lunch. I had bought some fresh bread and had that with left over curried mince. Yum!
After lunch there was a large basket of ironing waiting to be done. I switched on the TV in the kitchen (which is now working thanks to aerial man coming to sort it out last week) and watched 30 Minute Makeover. I always find watching something helps the ironing to disappear quicker ;o).
Emily got home shortly after that and before we knew it, it was time for her to go to the dentist. The orthodontist wanted her last baby tooth taken out and she was so brave. I was a total ninny but she just had gel to numb the area and then the dentist pulled the tooth out. I couldn't look, held her hand and looked the opposite way (or rather faced the opposite way with my eyes closed!).
Emily's "my poor mouth" pose ;o)
And in this one you can see where the tooth came out (sorry to anyone who may be a bit squeamish!)
We had some rather unexpected news today but nothing that we can't handle and I'm sure everything will be fine in the end. More about this at a later stage.
My eyes are starting to droop and I'm ready to head off and read my book (Take a chance on me by Jill Mansell - which Claire gave me for Mother's Day) before heading off to bed.
Have a good evening