Sunday, 20 May 2012

17 - 19 May 2012

17 May 2012
I had a run around day on Thursday.  Claire had to have a blood test done first thing in the morning to see if she's anaemic. We then went to Starbucks (attached to Sainsbury's) so she could have something to eat before doing her weekly shop.  Alice and I went for a wander round Sainsbury's and left Claire too it :)  
I then popped round to help my Dad fill in some paperwork for a policy which has just matured in South Africa. Once we'd completed it we had to go to a Solicitors to get it certified and then go back to the house to scan and email it all over to SA.  
I went home for a quick lunch before taking Claire back up to the Dr's for an appointment where we found out that she's not anaemic but does have quite low blood pressure - which could be why she's been feeling faint at work when she's on her feet for too long.
And finally, back to Dad's to resend all the paperwork as the files had been too big to be accepted at the other end and then home to make dinner. 
I'm just really glad I remembered to take a photo in amongst it all!

18 May 2012 
 We're all trying to eat more healthily in our house at the moment.  Fruit has become the go to food if we fancy a snack and I'm certainly noticing how much we go through now.  This solitary grapefruit was all that was left in the fruit bowl on Friday night - lucky I go shopping on Saturday morning :).  This week we went through 5 bags of oranges, 4 bags of fruit, 3 bunches of bananas, 2 punnets of grapes, 3 grapefruit and 2 lemons.

19 May 2012
I don't feel like my weekends have really started until after Mum and I have done our weekly grocery shop and had our Starbucks. After lunch Norma called me on Skype and we got to have a long chat, which was really nice.  In the evening, while watching a couple of programme's I'd recorded on Sky+, I carried on with the latest little jumper I'm knitting.

I haven't taken a photo for today yet and I'm not sure what I'm going to take it of. I had been going to take one of my desk but I don't think I want to remember the state it's in ;o)   I've spent this afternoon bringing my Project Life album up to date.  I know I don't show it on here but it's going well and I'm glad I'm hanging in there!

Have you been up to anything nice this weekend?