Friday, 27 February 2009


Today was a good day!! We woke up to SUNSHINE!!!!! What a difference sunshine makes :) I put a couple of loads of washing on and then got to hang them out on the line! Happy, happiness! We also have a crocus starting to flower
and Cloud (though she doesn't look particularly happy) sat soaking up the sun on the step
And, because we had to make the most of it, I picked up Mum and Dad and we went to the garden centre. Just so nice to be able to get out and walk in the sunshine again. I've really been looking forward to this day and just hope it doesn't go back to freezing weather again too soon. I know I sound sad but you've no idea how much I've needed this ;)
A few photos from the garden centre :
and close up
Roses (looking forward to ours coming out again!)
And a splash of colour
Back home again I had lunch (fruit) outside and sat and read my book for a while - bliss! I'm happy!!
Other good news is that Jon had a telephone interview that went well today and it's possible he could start work next week if his visit to the client goes well on Monday. Fingers (and anything else) crossed!
Have a lovely weekend.