Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Photo a Day : 06 March 2012

This morning started quite differently.  While making Emily's school lunch there was a hammering on our front door. On our doorstep was one of our neighbours who was walking his dog and he pointed out that one of the girls from our road had collapsed on the path. He had just come across her but couldn't get near because of his dog. When I reached her, it appeared that she had had a fit and was still out of sorts.  The dog walker said he thought he knew where she lived and dashed off to get her Mum. Long story short, she had had a fit and had hit her chin which was bleeding quite badly. Unfortunately, she'd also had a fit last week and cut her chin, which had needed 7 stitches. Her Mum needed to get her to the hospital but doesn't drive so I offered to take them. 

This evening she rang the doorbell and gave me these beautiful tulips as a thank you.  I was pleased to hear that her daughter is okay and has been to see her doctor, who is looking at her medicine. She hadn't cut her chin open again, thankfully, and the stitches were still in place. The scab had been knocked off and that's what caused the bleeding.

This morning made me realise that I didn't really know what to do if I was to come across someone having a fit, so I asked her Mum. She said it's best to try and turn their face to the side so they can breathe but then to just sit with them until the fit is over and they start to come round. She said not to try and restrain them as they can be quite strong. She also explained that she had been told a severe seizure can leave the person feeling like they've run a marathon - that's how much it takes out of them.


Photo a Day : 05 March 2012

Monday was quite a quiet day. Alice and I stayed home and played and I didn't get round to taking any photos. It was only as I was dishing up dinner that I realised this so a photo of dinner is my photo for the day.  Chilli prawns and rice - yum!