Thursday, 21 August 2008


Today isn't even half way through yet and it's been weird!!! I woke at 6.15am and came downstairs to sort out the washing for ironing. Decided to have a cup of Rooibos tea and thought I'd read for a little while. Ended up reading till I finished the book! So, still sitting around in my pj's at 9.20am when the phone rings. It was the dog parlour reminding me that the dogs were due in at 8.45am!! I had totally forgotten - even though I'd told the girls yesterday that I had to take them today. Jumped into some clothes and off we went. Got home and decided to have my shower before I did anything else. Poured shampoo into my hand and then proceeded to wash my face ... with the shampoo!!! I couldn't believe it! I'd wondered why my face was lathering up so well (hehe!!). Things calmed down a bit after that though a phone call from Hugh did mean that my hair was virtually dry by the time I'd finished - not good! - so I had to blowdry it quickly before it went totally flat. Once make up was done and the washing was on I went to finish off a layout I'd started. It's the pre-class assignment for Cathy Zielske's class which I'm going to be taking (starts beginning of October). Looking forward to that one, I love her work - her layouts are simple but stunning. My type of scrapbooking. Seeing as I don't have any other photos to share, I'll show you the layout I've done.

I just realised about 20 minutes ago that I hadn't had breakfast yet. However, seeing as it was 11.30am, I had an apple and will wait for lunch.

Really hoping this afternoon is better than this morning.


PS> Stayed the same at Weight Watchers last night, I know why and it's going to happen every 4 weeks so I'll have to live with it. Hoping for a good loss next week.

PPS> Playing with the background for my blog. What do you think, this one for a change or did you find the old one easier to read?