Saturday, 26 July 2008

Just Saturday

Missed a day but I'm back again. Not a lot to report, Emily and I went into Crawley yesterday morning to go to Marks & Spencers. Ended up having a quick look in a couple of other shops before coming home again to blob for the rest of the day ;o)

The only reason I have photos taken in Crawley is because I was supposed to be taking photos for Scrap Your Day on the 25th (another Shimelle project) but I never seem to do very well. I'll see how I get on with what I did get.

Today, the weather man on the local radio said to expect heavy showers and possible thunder storms - I'm so glad he got it wrong! We had beautiful weather once again and even got to invite Mum and Dad round for a braai (South African for BBQ). I had to pop into the shops quickly to pick up a few bits (there always seems to be something to get - don't you agree!), then came home and prepared the salads and kebabs before Mum and Dad got here. I then sat outside and read my book for a little while. The food was delicious - thanks to my wonderfully talented, happy, cheerful husband (see picture below - hahaha!!!)

Seriously though, it was a lovely afternoon and we sat outside to eat and chat until Mum and Dad left again.

This evening Emily and I watched "The Princess Diaries" and last night we watched "Music and Lyrics". If we continue watching a movie a night we'll run out soon!

I have done half an hour of Wii Fit for the past three days now. I think it's beginning to feel a little bit easier and on some tasks I'm even getting fairly decent scores. It must be doing some good - by the end of a workout I'm sweating and I've noticed my legs ache a bit sometimes when I go upstairs. I reckon if I can carry on with this for the whole of the school holidays I should be a little bit fitter by the time Emily goes back to school and I walk up the dreaded hill!

I now need to go and read through the prompts from this week and see if I can do some damage limitation because I am waaaaaaayyyyyyyy behind!!!